Why Ghosts come to Bathrooms/Toilets/Wash Rooms

I have a doubt all the time whenever I hear a story about ghost, people say, they saw it in the bathroom, toilet and near the well. Why they come there? Do they like to come only there? Why they can’t come and move around in the sitting room, or eat food in the kitchen or else at least watch the TV. (I heard few stories on this way)

Why I am asking this is, when I saw CNN news and it says Michel Jackson ghost also was in his bathroom @ Never land.
Here you are

Michael Jackson's 'ghost' caught on camera?

My doubts are
Is there any ghost??
Did any one prove there are no Ghosts?
Did any of you see it?
What’s the shape? What is the color of it? Probably from films I can see it is white smoke?
Will they make sound? Will they harm you or not?

Anyway people careful to use your toilets, washrooms in night. Don’t remember this Note that time, ha ha

Anyway I have another blog; one of my friend Loshan's, he even mentioned about this Ghosts in Toilets. Read this but it is in Tamil only :(


Please watch the films if you still did not watch about Ghosts.

1- evil dead -1981 rating 7.0
2- Drag Me to the Hell- 2009 July release- rating 7.9/10

see the trailer of the Drag Me to the Hell

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